Attachment-1-1Kerry McClure received her degree in Industrial Design with an emphasis on interiors from The Ohio State University.  She has worked for an international architecture firm and for several top retailers, as well as individual homeowners. She has designed everything from laboratory layouts to cozy reading nooks, complete retail stores to downtown Chicago apartments, and her favorite projects – fun children’s rooms.  She specializes in bringing out the client’s particular taste so that the space is truly theirs and shows off their unique personality.

On the other hand, staging is quite the exact opposite.  She can advise a client how to make their space appeal to everyone so that special buyer can really see themselves living in the space and are willing to pay top dollar for that privilege! Staging a home for resale is truly an investment that pays off.

She currently resides in sunny Naples, Florida in the resort community of Riverstone.  Her three children and husband are what she likes best about her home.  She strives everyday to make their space a place where they will look back on the memories and not the decor.  Smart interior design can be a tool for promoting fun activities, efficient running of the household, and displaying your family’s personality while looking great!



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